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Weihrauch HW100 [ 22cal ]

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Reviewer: steve
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1st class pcp with second to none build quality that you come to expect from weihrauch.its grouping capability is just outstanding,making a novice shooter an instant dead shot.you can hit a target the size of a 5p coin from 40yards almost every time,its really that good! fsb version is fantasic,doesnt come with silencer but another �40 is not much compared to the difference it makes,almost silent! you must have this as the fsb version is very loud without it.faults?,im thinking………..there is one if you can call it a fault,lets call it a minor glitch for owning this world class weapon, its really quite heavy,but stick a sling on it and youve got possibly one of the greatest hunting pcps there is.i get 50 shots from my 1.77cal and to refill it takes less than 30 seconds!the only gun i will move on to will be the new version of this one,if its possible to ever make on? who knows maybe they,ll add some daystate spec like the digital readouts etc?

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