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Webley & Scott Patriot [ 25cal ]

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I purchased this rifle a month ago after considerable research. After owning and shooting many lesser air rifles since childhood, the first few minutes with this weapon gave me a completely different view of what an air rifle can be. The quality of build is excellent, the fit and finish are excellent. It has the feeling of a nice centerfire rifle. The cocking effort is listed as 49 lbs and I belive this is accurate. I shoot heavy bows and am in decent physical shape so cocking and shooting the rifle was not difficult but most of my friends and family are a bit surprised when they first attempt to cock it. With a bit of coaching and practice, they all have managed to cock the spring. I have used the rifle for a bit of pest control and am simply amazed about the power this rifle delivers. The pests simply don’t know what hit them and drop instantly. The accuracy with a scope is superb as well. The 25 caliber pellets are much less effected by wind and carry much more energy to the target. The only negatives are that a walnut stock would have been nicer than the beech and that the standard sights are of mediocre quality. Since this rifle really needs a scope to take advantage of its power and precise accuracy, the sights could probably be eliminated altogether.

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