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Webley & Scott Fx2000 [ 22cal ]

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I have had this rifle for 2 years now and have shot rabbits consistently out to 60yds with the occassional one at 70yds. The best group so far was an astounding .268″ 5 shot group at a genuine 75yds on a very still day.

Groups at 50yds are generally around .5″ with a light breeze. The gun is fairly noisy and is similar to a 22 subsonic.I can recommend this firearm to anyone.At 40yds it will put a 22cal slug through a piece of 3/4″ dry radiator pine and very few rabbits ever move after being hit. I still have not recovered a slug from a rabbit even at the longest yardage they just pass straight through.

Incedently I am using JSB 16gr slugs exclusively.

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