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Walther LG55 177cal

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Reviewer: Randy
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Gun Status: Stock
Pellet Used:
Calibur: 177
Pellet Weight:
Muzzle Velocity: 459
Measurement Method: Chrony Alpha Chronograph
Ambient Temperature: 68deg


 I’ve had this walther LG55 for years; it’s been in the back room stuffed away in the closet for more then 25 years. Dad used to out shoot the neighbor and his 22 powder burner. Last month this long winter forced me to dig and find something to do; lo and behold digging thru the closet I found the old jewel long forgot. I called   John at AGS he said to put a few drops of Airgun Oil in and let it set for a couple days then a couple more drops let set over night then go shooting. Worked perfect shot a few pellets then ran thru the crony 459fps.
Good old gun.


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