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Umarex RWS Career [ 9mm ]

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Reviewer: Bill Dempsey
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The 9 mm Shinsung Career RWS Fire 201 is a wonderful gun. I have had mine for about a month and have shot Eun Jin pellets of 60 g and 78 g as well as 90 g PelletMan bullets. I have also shot several types of 125 grain 9 mm handgun lead bullets. They all shoot well, but this gun will shine with the heavier Speer 4601 .356 9mm bullets. I am getting around 10 shots over 100 FPE per fill with those bullets. At 30 to 40 yards it is easy to put them into what would be the kill zone of a medium size quarry. The gun is finely and beautifully made. It is easy to load and cock to its 2 power positions. This is my first big bore air rifle, and I am impressed. Powerful, accurate, and beautiful…..what more could you ask for?

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