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Sheridan Blue Streak [ 20-cal ]

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Have had my Streak for several years. Mine is one of the previous generation that is a bit nicer looking than the current Crosman-owned production models sporting a decent walnut stock and steel trigger guard. It has been very reliable and is an accurate and hard-hitting pneumatic airgun. I would like to mount a scope on her but the design does not lend itself well to optics, therefore, I have the Williams receiver sight which is actually quite good and a big improvement over the factory open sights. It is just that these are such nice shooters I would really like to scope it to fully take advangage of its accuracy and ranging capabilities.

The Blue Streak is a very good field gun being relatively light weight and compact especially in light of the high power level it offers. The Streak is not so light weight however that it is an impediment to accurate shooting. I have hammered several squirrels, a few crows, some rabbits, an aggressive feral cat, and countless starlings and sparrows with this gun. The 14.3 gr Crosman domed pellet works well on these species and the heavy slug seems to maintain its accuracy well over distance in turbulent air. The trajectory is not as flat as some of the lighter pellets however. The Beeman Crow Magnum is a mid-weight pellet and is an awesome performer in the field. This hollow pt projectile will stop rabbits decisively with chest shots and does not exit. For the heavily-feathered crow which usually must be taken at some distance due to their wary nature and excellent vision,or if dispatching large varmints like coon or woodchuck I tend to prefer the previously mentioned Crosman domed pellet because it offers excellent penetration if something other than the preferred head shot must be taken.

In summary, Sheridans are very nice, efficient tools built to last for decades if given reasonable care. They are a gun that can be passed down to and enjoyed by ones own children. The Sheridan offers alot of gun for the money and I would recommend them to anyone who enjoys field use of an airgun.

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