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Sheridan Blue Streak [ 20-cal ]

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Have had my blue c from new for 24 years. Recently got it back from my dad who used it in his barn for sparrows and pigeons, it still holds an 80% charge over night! I wanted to go long range so I fixed a tang sight to a drilled intermount and left the front sight alone. Magic happened. I can place Benjamin rounds with 7 pumps off bench into an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper in no wind at 100 yards all day. It took some dialing in but, I learned a lot about the ballistics of original Sheridan, Beeman Crow HP and Benjamin pellets. The simple engineering and quality of materials in this pneumatic in my book makes it a show stopper for the original purchase price. Don’t let just anyone work on or play with it. Keep it clean and respect the house.

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