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Sheridan Blue Streak [ 20-cal ]

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Anyone seriously into airguns must own an early model C streak. Ive had one since I was 11 and now 46 years later own several.For the moey you get a real walnut stock,bronze barrel and pump tube (rustproof), 37 inches long at 5.7lbs with a powerful punch nearing pcp power. I have shot under an inch groups at 50 yds scoped. If you set the intermount correct it will not move at all.I can pump mine scoped in the driver seat of my car.Built to last for decades it is the best airrifle in my honest opinion for the money. The only one better is the Sharp Ace Hunter 22cal of which I own that one but its 5 times the cost and a heavier gun with not as much support in parts.

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