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Sheridan Blue Streak

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Christmas 1959.  My dad gave me a new Sheridan air rifle, a can of pellets, a stack of rabbit targets (paper), and a bullet trap.  To the basement I went and only came up when dinner was on the table.  Since that time I have used the rifle on and off to rid the garden of squirrels and groundhogs.  Three pumps is all it needs at 20 yards to do the job.  One pump and it will put a welt on the back-end of a deer to make it think twice about eating its dinner in my wife’s garden.  Never realized a deer could move so fast, one moment it’s on one side of the stone wall, the next it somehow appeared on the other.

Recently the rifle lost all pressure and would not pump up.  (And with a squirrel attacking the suet feeder.)  Haven’t used it in several months, but then that’s been its history.  I’ll use it when needed and then put it back into the carrying case to protect it.  No manual to guide me, but I went ahead and took the rifle apart completely, every pin, spring, screw, etc..  All except for the pressure cylinder which I discovered is soldered into the lower chamber.  Cleaned everything up and put it back together, lubricating all moving parts with some teflon grease.  Everything works very smoothly, better than new.  But, it still didn’t hold pressure.  Got out a pipet and fed some gun oil into the hole in the lower tube, and into the air release hole in the bottom of the barrel just forward of the breach.  Let it sit for about six hours and then started pumping.  Holds air now.   Eight pumps.  Just like new.  Good thing, too.  I’ve got four of those 500-round yellow plastic containers of pellets just waiting to be fired.  Watch out squirrels.

Would love to locate a manual for the rifle; a photocopy would do if someone wants to send one to me.

I curious as to the current value of the rifle.  I’ve been the only owner, it’s never been abused and is in excellent condition.  Has the thumb safety at the rear of the tube.


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  1. Ken says:

    I have four Sheridans and have rebuilt all of them. The .20 is ideal for small game and I used my first one 30 years ago to dispatch rats at distances of over 40 feet. Many were one shot kills. The first no no with “pumpers” is Don’t Oil Ever. Machine oil will harden the pump seal
    And stiffen the rubber in the inlet flapper and eventually get into the exhaust valve and stiffen
    the bolt O ring. There is no leather piston in a pneumatic. I use teflon seals in my rebuilds and
    I lubricate with hydraulic fluid( ATF) because it doesn’t congeal in valves and cause damage
    to O rings, synthetic rubbers, or teflon seals. It does a nice job on the pump arm
    Pivots as well. I apply it thru the pump piston but avoid trying to get it into the air hole.
    My rebuilds took hours just to clean because oil contaminated everything.

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