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Sheridan Blue Streak

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I got mine for Christmas in the 70’s. We would shoot wooden match sicks at 50 ft. Dead on accuracy. In the 90’s, sent it to Sheridan for a refurbish. Still, dead on. Today, I ocasionally drop a bit of oil in it to keep the piston lubed. I think the original piston may have been leather.

Regardless.. I don’t mind pumping, and it’s a bit loud but, I hit where I aime. My classic will be handed down.

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  1. MacETAC says:

    I still have my Sheridan Blue Streak from when I was 9… It has never been rebuilt, and still shoots just as strong… I use A/C compressor oil in it, since it was new… Has no detergents, displaces water, and will flow in the cold… Will not deteriorate O-rings, or seals… Best oil for an air gun…

    I still have an old box, the yellow box, with the Sheridan name, pellet size, and all, but it does not have a pic of the pellet on it…

    Mine is still acurate, and shoots as if new… No prolems in all these years… I am 51 now… Yes, I have had this gun since 1971… It is worn, but it is all love…

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