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RWS Diana 850 Magnum 22

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Reviewer: Jim Butler
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If I did not own a max tuned Q78D I would have given this gun a 5 star review. When I compare the performance,trigger and overall look and feel of this rifle vs my Q78D it seems a little over priced. With that said there is still a lot to like. Very nice shooting cycle with hardly a glitch. Decent trigger,power and very good accuracy. Little nose heavy,nice scope and rings. Like the overall size(I am 6’+) and it is overall a nice looking piece. It is down on power compared to my max tuned Q78 but to be fair this gun can be modified but the rub is it is expensive to begin with especially when compared to my $150.00 (inc S&H) Q78. Would I buy it again? Probably because I do enjoy shooting it and can afford the luxury of having a stable of air rifles. If I had to pick just one CO2 air gun for my collection it would be my tuned Q78D. I would miss it however which is why I recommend it for your consideration.

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