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RWS Diana 350 Magnum [ 177cal ]

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Reviewer: Joe Wilson
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I have owned the RWS 350 Magnum in .177 for 5 years now. To say it is a good magnum springer is a real understatement. I have it set up with a 3-9X50 Leapers now and it is absolutely amazing. I have been impressed with the power and accuracy since purchase, but this year changed from premier 10.5s to JSB Exact Heavies at 10.2 grn. Off a solid rest the combo is capable of 3/4″ groups at 75 yards. That’s with me shooting BTW. The design of the JSB Heavy is great for very solid penetration from this gun. The gun is capable of humane dispatch of small varmints like groundhog, coon, possum with clean headshots in addition to being an excellent choice for rabbits and squirrel.

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