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RWS Diana 34 177cal

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I bought a Diana 34 Premium a few years ago and was quite astounded and surprised with it although I shouldn’t have been, because all it did was give the results “near enough” to what they advertise, within reason of course, so why was I surprised? Because so many air rifles just don’t..!! The 34 Premium is so beautifully made and fitted (metalwork to timber) and although many air rifles look nice on the internet or from a distance, once you pick them up and begin to actually use them, you soon notice things that don’t quite fit that well or are a little rougher that you first thought and/or they may sound odd when cocked and fired. No such problems with the 34 Prem. It is what it’s title says – “Premium”… It looks stunning with its raised cheekpiece stock and fits my hand and face like a silk glove..

Although I tried a few different pellets through mine in a search for the sweetest pellet, I found the Crosman Premier 7.9gr domed to be as accurate as anything else, so I bought a couple of large boxes from the same batch number to last me a while. I chrony’d them (ProChrono Digital) and found they were passing through at 920 – 935 fps, and that yields about 15+ ft-lb energy which is about as good as you’ll get from any claimed 1000 fps air rifle. Many of them just wont deliver anywhere near that but the 34 Prem does this with ease and consistency. The T06 trigger is very sweet and lets you squeeze them off at will, right when you want to.. With the Nikko Stirling 4-12x42mm scope it groups about average, but then again, I never ever claimed to be a great shot. On a good day at 10 yds, I can make single hole groups and at 20 yds they get a little larger, maybe an inch (25mm) or slightly more, and beyond that it’s as good as you are at shooting it, but always gives roughly the same patterns, which I find is part of its super consistency. I feel a good shot will tighten these groups up but I am very average with an airgun. I sighted the 34P in at 40 yds and anything within that is up for the taking and even out to past 50 yds, you just have to put that crosshair slightly above, knowing you have a good chance of hitting the mark.

The 34 Premium truly is a delight to own and use, and I only wish I could get out a bit more to use it, but I have to be grateful for the time I do get. It is especially nice on the eye and looks so good with its more traditional lines and shape. Some air rifles today look, well, they look plain ugly – not the Diana 34 Premium.

Do I recommend this rifle – HECK YEAH…!!!
Mr Agent Man

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