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Remington Airmaster 77 177cal

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Reviewer: Rex B
Recommended: Cheap but accurate
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I bought one of these last year as a refurb from CTD for $45. It is a 10-pump pneumatic with a scope. Styling is a scaled down Remington 870 shotgun or close to it.

Once sighted in it’s pretty accurate with pellets, less so with BBs. I don’t recall the group sizes, but I’d bet I could put the majority of my shots in a 2″ ring at 60 ft.

THis rifle shoots hard with 10 pumps. Only gripe I have that it’s a lot of work per shot to pump it up. You can put far less enery into cocking a springer and get the same power.

I had a problem recently with it not pumping, so I disassembled it. Big mistake. This thing is all plastic and potmetal inside, and it was a major challenge to get it back together. As it was, I was unable to get the BB magazine tensioner/gate back in, so I left it out. Works fine now, the left out part is a minor inconvenience.

I usually shoot it single-shot with pellets, but I keep BBs in the reservoir for quick shots. I have left it pumped up for weeks at a time with no apparent degradation.

I still use it occasionaly for pests at the shop. For the $45 I paid it’s worthwhile, but I don’t think I’d recommend it for full price. In that range you’d be better off with a low-end springer.

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