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Griffin Carbine [ 177 ]

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I’ve owned my XS-B9-1 for quite some time now, and it’s a great shooter, It’s very solid, and it’ll last you a life-time. This gun is very accurate and powerful, mine shoot’s 7.9gr, Remington Field Point’s downrange at 750fps, I did say it’s a very accurate shooter didn’t I?, It’s a 10-shot repeater , The magazine doe’s an alright job, but you can only feed it Flat-Head round’s, Since I’ve never been a fan of wadcutter’s, I never use the magazine(I put a little foam down the mag hole, so you won’t lose a round into the gun while loading), This essentially is a “Bull-Pup” gun and is great for the field, especially for the thick stuff. Don’t let it’s size fool you, This gun has an 18 barrel, that is basically made from ordnance grade steel, No- site’s w/ the gun, You must use a scope, I’ve got a nice Red-Dot on there now, I would suggest packing as much of the stock with “Memory Foam”, It does a great job quieting this gun down, and as with all “Chinese” hardware you need to give it a good clean and lube. Since it already has a good M/V of 750fps, I passed on changing the spring for now, but when I ever get around to doing it, I don’t think number’s of 800-850fps would be wishful thinking. This gun is heavy(It’s all that Steel;)So use a Sling! As for pellet choice I like using Remington Field Point’s, H&N Coppa-Point’s, and H&N RundKugeln’s(Copper coated Round Ball ammo), and Kovohute Standard’s give me outstanding performance for distance. I definately Recommend this gun. Cheer’s, and Happy Huntin’, Andy.

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