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Gamo CFX [ 177cal ]

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Reviewer: Mike Frederick
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Like all undelever guns it is not quick to re-load & the action is fiddly with 4,5mm pellets, often they spin around in the load ramp. However, with a decent scope fitted accuracy is excellent over range up to 55metre. It will bust a bottle at 55 metre with GAMo Match pellets (flat nose). Trigger action is not the best. I can not say what the muzzle energy is yet, but I will test in future. The gun is finished very well, smooth cock action & no “twang” from the spring. All round so far I am happy with the purchase. Other guns I have include BSF B55 (first gun), BSA, Weihrauch 80, Diana 13. The Gamo CFX is as good as the German guns.

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