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Crosman Storm [ 177cal ]

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I have heard good things about the Crosman Storm so had to try one out. It is a good looking gun and seem to be well made. For the $100 is a great first step into the break barrel pellet rifles for a beginer. It hits really hard and will penitrate any 1/2″ board back stop you find so it is not a subdivision friendly rifle at all. Also the scope and mounts are not bad either for the price at all. The down side of the rifle is that the power lever will not stay consistant at all. If you are a target shooter you will be disapoint badly. The average is a 2-3″ group at 30 yards with this rifle. Could I hit a squirel, sure, but not every time. A squirels head is within that 3″ range so no dought you could make that hit at a reasonable average. A coon or possum, I would think so but look at the target size there. If you want a 1″ group or even less, look for another rifle. If you want to shoot cans, bottles or what have you and don’t mind a few misses…go for it. Good gun but could be a lot better. By the way, the trigger is not good at all, you just never know when it will go off.

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