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Crosman 1077 [ 177cal ]

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I got this used at a Gun shop for $20. The model I have is almost 20 years old. It is poorly constructed. Cheap plastic parts. The trigger pull sometimes leaves me wondering if anything has happend at all. The purpose of the barrell (decocker) for lack of a better term is still a mystery to me.

I only bought it for the fact that it is a semi auto. I use it specifically for mice on the run either in my house or in the barn. Anything more than that it is crap. It did leave gaping wounds in the mice that I did shoot with it. The accuracy is only what can be expected from a CO powered rifle.

In closing this is fine for the purpose of getting quick shots off on a running small rodent at close range (10-20 ft.) As far as target shooting it is reasonably accurate at close distances. I wouldn’t recommend it for that purpose though.

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