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Crosman 1077 [ 177cal ]

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Date: 03/26/2015
Gun Status: Self Tuned
Pellet Used: crosman destroyer 7.9gr
Calibur: N/A
Pellet Weight: 7,9gr
Muzzle Velocity: 695
Measurement Method: Chrony Beta Chronograph
Ambient Temperature: +25 C


This is the best value for money one can buy air rifle. With the cost of a pizza out you can buy a piece of real all American technology, that, wether you will keep it as it is, light and easy, or you will get hours of fun modding something made as you imagine it, will give you hours of fun, just plinkin, shootin pests or reading about it…..highly recommended, very sharp and powerful for his class, and with mods…more! Specially last improved US version declared up to 780fps! Verified!

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