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Chinese Qb6 [ 22cal ]

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I tested it with 25 shots at the dealers shooting range and I can definitively say: not recomended.

Every 5 or 6 shots the stock will unlock and fold from my shoulder by the force of the piston releasing the pellet.

The stock is small for the average shooter so that the rear sight is too close to your face so you don’t get a good sight picture which results in all your shots scattered like a shotgun.

I would like to try it with a scope but a stock extension pad is definitively needed and a must to obtain the sight picture relief needed for a scope. A Red Dot will work fine though!

The button that releases the stock needs to be fixed so it won’t close when shooting. I tell you, to have the stock closed at the moment of shooting is an awful experience…not to say in front of your fellow shooters who’ll laught at you and will talk a lot of the poor craftmanship of the rifle.

Besides that… the whole rifle is made of steel which is good and will last a lifetime. The plastic pistol grip is crude, thin and feels unconfotable in your hand. The front steel sight assembly is riveted to the barrel and in my test gun it was centered and correctly aligned (this can be a matter of luck). The rear sight is plastic.

This rifle resembles an AK47 with under folding stock design (which was taken from the German MP-38/40 submachine gun). When you shoot, it will recoil like an AK47. It comes with sling rings.

If you are looking for an AK trainer you better go for the Chinese B3 AK47 trainer (reviews found also in this same site). It is completely made of steel and wood with real AK front and rear steel AK style sight, real AK folding stock, and even recoils like the AK. You’ll not be disapointed, you will be well served and is a much better one. Also the price is very good for its quality.


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