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Chinese B26 [ 177cal ]

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Reviewer: Robert Gleeman
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I am delighted with my XS-B26-2. Truly, this is a ultra high quality, powerful air rifle that’s fun to shoot for long periods of time, feels great to the hands with satin-finish thumbhole stock, and looks great with sleek, well-balanced heft and feel.

Right out of the box, the gun is ready to shoot. There is no thick coat of oil, just a perfectly-blued gem of the machinest’s art. Talk about a smooth-cocking air rifle! It amazes me every time I shoot it. This is one accurate piece, capable of putting all your shots through the same hole. Don’t be tempted to over-lubricate this gun–it doesn’t seem to need it. Just shoot the heck out of it.

I got the .177 cal. model, and it hits very hard, chewing up all my steel backstops. I had to reinforce them with extra slabs of steel. If I was a hunter, those critters would have no chance with this gun around.

The cocking and shooting cycle is so smooth and pleasant, it is hard to believe it has so much power, until you see actual sparks fly as the lead goes incandescent. I have had good accuracy with every pellet I have tried, with the exception of the very cheap Chinese Industry Brand domed pellets which fall right through the barrel. This rifle does very well with Crosman Premier Hollow Points, which will satisfy the needs of both hunters and field target shooters.

The B-26 and B-26-2(with thumbhole stock) are fairly new guns, but I am sure they will become very popular in the near future. This is a fine, rugged, powerful, and accurate air rifle which any shooter can appreciate. I only wish I had purchased it earlier and skipped over all the lesser airguns I have owned. This one’s my all-time favorite.

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