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Chinese B2-2 Monte Carlo Stock [ 22cal ]

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I ordered in one of these beautie’s from SouthSummit last year for less than 30 buck’s, I wasn’t expecting a “Match” shooter, But I certainly was impressed with what showed up at the door. Very Nice stock with a deep finish that really shined. As with all “Chinese” hardware, a little work need’s to be done to get it up to spec’s, First thing I did was change the spring, clean & lube the internal’s. This shooter now give’s me 600fps w/ Crosman Field Point’s, and 625fps w/ H&N SpitKugeln’s, and Close to 800fps w/ 11gr. RWS HVP’s(Skenco’s), and 825fps w/ the *New* .22 Gamo Raptor’s, and it’s a Tack-Driver to upwards of 35yd’s. The one, and only thing that bother’s me about this gun is it’s lack of a safety, But It certainly put’s the owness back on the shooter to make sure nothing happen’s. For the money this is an Excellent a/g, that will definately put dinner on the table. Cheer’s, and Happy Huntin’, Andy.

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