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Chinese AR 1000 Magnum [ made-in-shanghai—-177cal ]

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I bought mine in .177 (4,5 mm) a few months ago.

Very accurate out of the box. 900 + fps.

Terrific gun. I just cleaned it up from the dry grease it had all over it, added a little moly special lubricant in the spring without completely disassembly it and that�s it!

I tested it and the rifle diesel for a couple of days.

It recoils hard and the scope kept creeping even with the scope stop in place. I used a special glue to keep it in place and it stopped creeping. The scope stop is made of plastic and is not strong enough for this rifle.

The trigger is a two stage trigger and is adjustable. The trigger guard is plastic. The wood is very nice and is not the normal Chinese poor quality we are all used to; this one is nice with rich color and quality is like the one used in Chinese PCP guns.

The rifle�s overall size is big. I am a big guy and I find it quite uncomfortable to be used in the field but man, I forget that every time I fire it. This rifle is really accurate.

At 50 mts. has a lot of punch for rabbit and feather hunting. I have used it for feather hunting at distances of 50+ mts. with beautiful shots.

This rifle is also known as TF89 and it is the Chinese copy of the Norica �Marvic Gold�.

It is also known as the Beeman SS1000 and Hamerli Titan which are also Chinese.

I will get into it for further tune up but still have to figure out how to disassembly it because it is not a traditional air gun. It seems like the main spring is being held in place by the trigger assembly.

I am really happy with this rifle – out of the box -even without tuning it.

Good value for the money.

What I don�t like:

-Recoils a lot and it is grip sensitive.

-It is noisy just like a .22 rifle firing standard velocity (target) .22 LR rounds. My .22LR rifle makes less noise when firing .22 shorts than my AR1000.

-The safety moves from one position to the other easily (needs work to be done to fix/tune this).

-Trigger guard is plastic.

What I like:

-Accurate out of the box.

-Beautiful lines.

-Nice stock.

-Powerful for the price (less than US$100).

-Adjustable Trigger.

-Nice blueing.


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