Benjamin Rogue 357 CALIBER

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Benjamin Rogue 357 CALIBER

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I had to travel almost 1200 miles to shoot this gun, I guess this wasn’t the only reason for the trip but it sure did add to the all-around enjoyment. The gun is of good weight the forearm fits nicely in my palm, the gun has a nice push when fired the recoil think would be more, I have fired many (big bore) airguns the Rogue is nothing like any of them and is a quite nice to handle with its smooth consistent firing from shot to shot.

 Again the only draw back for me with the Rouge is my location, I live inNorth Dakotaand powder burner rule the range only because PCP is not a load and fire, the gun needs pressure to shoot as with powder burners a box of rounds a clip and your good to go. I was quite satisfied with the Benjamin Rogue, even with the price; complete over $2000.00 the gun is worth ever cent no doubt to be increasing in value. My experience is from someone else’s Benjamin Rogue and I can only review on the gun with what little time I had to spend. I like it and see one in the near future and would recommend the gun to anyone that is a serous airgun Hunter, North Dakota forbids the taking of any protected species with an airgun, (dear, elk,) and so on but fur bearing is open to take with anything so coyotes would be the perfect hunt. I will right more when I get more time spent with the Benjamin Rogue.

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