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Benjamin Marauder 25cal

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the .25 Benjamin Marauder is by far, one of the best quality PCP air rifles available now. (this, of course, is my opinion and is subject to debate,I’m sure.)

i have made no ‘mods’ to it other than a minor trigger mod and drill a hole in the stock to accommodate adjustment to the power regulator screw.

this rifle hits hard enough from the factory that i feel no farther ‘mods’ are in order (for me anyway) if more is wanted, one should consider going to a bigger bore, or possibly a powder burner. from the factory, i found by way of shooting at a tempered aluminum, frying pan: it will nearly penetrate the fry pan bottom from 50 yards. that may not impress some, but it surely does me…

shot count could be better but what does one expect when shooting this large of a bore? more power requires more air; it’s that simple.

accuracy is astonishing, too. i was able to have the .25 caliber JSB’s in a clover leaf hole at 50 yards within a few shots.

power, accuracy and QUIET, too boot. the factory shroud is more than adequate to make it “neighborhood friendly” (as far as the noise factor is concerned…discharging air arms in many areas is categorized along with firearms so be sure to check local laws.)

I’m quite pleased with my .25 Marauder.

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