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Benjamin Marauder 25cal

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Reviewer: joe in florida
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The .25 marauder has turned out to be one of the most accurate air rifles iv ever shot. I have kept mine bone stock. The wood was so smooth that I had to look twice to make sure it was real. The gun has no “blueing” it is anodized black which looks flawless. The gun is very quiet and has no kick at all yet it packs a serious punch with the huge .25 pellet. Gun shoots at average of 40 or 45fpe. I find that after 2 clips, it takes ten easy pumps on the hand pump to charge the pump hose and 20 or 25 furthur pumps to get gun back up to 3100psi. It seems to use a lot less air after its breakin and using heavy pellets. With stock settings and at 25 yards, i get an easy 24 or 30 shots (starting from 3100psi) with no noticable pellet drop. With practice, the benjamin hand pump is easy to pump the gun with. The gun is also very balenced and easy to hold on target. Be carefull, with the bolt action and 8 shot magazine, you will go through a lot of pellets fast.

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