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Benjamin Marauder 22cal

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Great rifle, it is very very quiet.

With an excellent scope it will deliver on accuracy. The customer support from Crosman is excellent. My rifle arrived with a damaged stock and Crosman replaced it immediately.

With very little recoil on this rifle you may use a regular rifle scope, mine is a Simmons 3.2-12×50 AO. I use a Hill pump to charge it and it is easily topped off in less than 4 minutes, good for 30 shots at 2700 down to 1800 psi. It is fully adjustable for all types of shooting, the manual is very detailed although I have left everything stock. The trigger was sweet right out of the box. It is somewhat heavy but that is just fine with me, I added a sling, mounts are already provided by Crosman.

This .22 is very good against pests, so quiet that shooting it will not spook other animals in the area. There is a chart on Crosman’s website showing this rifle is effective at specified ranges against woodchucks, turkey and coyote.

Although it is also able to be charged with CO2, I prefer compressed air. The 10 round magazines work flawlessly and it is very good to have a repeating airgun when hunting,I would definitely buy another marauder.

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