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Benjamin Marauder 177cal

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This is my first PCP, but definiteley not my first air rifle. Before deciding I tested several others which eventually led me to my final list of requirements.

Thou shall:

1) Be accurate

2) Be silent

3) Have a clip for at least 8 shots

4) Be possible to tune without replacing any parts

5) Be fully ambidextrous

6) Deliver at least 50 shots when set to 10J

7) Not break the bank

The Marauder fulfills all of the above with excellence.

I’m still on my first fill and well beyond 100 shots.

Simply an amazing gun and quiet beyond belief.

The rifle is too accurate for my cheap 4x scope -need to upgrade to one with variable magnification. There has been an identified material problem with the trigger link but Crosman is on top of it and are sending improved parts at no cost. The problem is only found in the first 193 rifles according to US forums -serial no higher than that and no worries.

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