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Benjamin Legacy 1000-RM [ 177cal ]

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I�ve bought a few remanufactured Legacy and found them to be just as good as the new.

I wouldn�t refer to the Legacy as a magnum although 1000 fps is very attainable with the 177 and 900 can be done with the 22cal.

As with any airgun where the manufacture tries to achieve the maximum fps there are there draw backs, What I noticed the most with the legacy is the cocking lever rubs on the main spring, the diameter of the spring is at its maximum.

The trigger is a tuff pull but the trigger is designed in such a way the spring can be made lighter to give a much better feel and crisp pull and remain safe.



I reduced my Legacy to just under 500 fps my sons use the gun for local competition and bring home the ribbons.

I think the Legacy it�s a great gun and worth every penny and the remanufactured Legacy makes it an even better deal

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