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Airforce Condor [ american-made-22cal ]

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Reviewer: Rick McKean
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I purchased my Condor second hand as I liked the look of the custom work that had been done. It arrived safely from a long journey accross country. Assembly and a fully charged air tank took me to my back yard range for some getting acquainted shooting.

My ‘Bird’ is fully shrouded and has had some work done to the valve to increase the power for whatever reason.

I loaded my First Kodiak, took careful aim at a target that was 50 yards out and WHAM, the steel can I had suspended from a wire tie went flying back and the wire tie was ripped from the can.

Out of the box and with some careful assembly this was shooting way better than my capabilities. I have well over 20 air rifles but this gun is a HAMMER. Deadly accurate as well.

The first kill was a Ground Hog that had been devastating my neighbors yard. I had shot at him in the past with various rifles, but when the “Bird” arrived…..one well placed kodiak sent that little yard digger to The Promised Land.

I highly recommend this rifle to anyone looking to keep American technology at hand and of course good old American value. This is one of my most favorite shooters and every time I shoot it I feel like it is the first time. I have owned this since May of 2009 and have put several thousand rounds through it without a hitch.

You want a great shooter, get one before they figure out that these are underpriced.

I am in Michigan. My e mail is mckeanrick@yahoo.com if I can help you with any questions

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