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Airforce Condor 177cal

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Reviewer: Allen G
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Not only is this a great gun but airforce after sale support is first rate.

I purchased the 177 condor from pyramid air I called and called and called with no answer got so fed up with there customer service which is less then zip and discourteous at best.

I called airforce airguns they picked the phone right up answered my questions and off the valve & tank went problem solved awesome.

The gun shoots dime size groups at 25 yards quarter size at 50.

Out of the muzzle 1325 FPS first 10 shots next 10 in the 1100s I played with other guns and never could get my needs met Gamo, Crosman, Beeman, Bam Chinese stuff, and the RWS 48 the Condor is far superior to all listed and the only other keeper besides the Condor is the RWS 48 even here I will most likely change my mind after I get a scuba tank and filler to end the endless pumping for the first fill.

After the first fill it takes 3 to for pumps per shot not bad. This gun gets a 5 of 5 from me

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