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Webley Typhoon [ 22cal ]

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Reviewer: Harry
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The webley typhoon is a great pistol it is quite a heavy gun and is about 80% strong metal and the rest plastic. some of the things that are also good about the webley typhoon is its synthetic grips ,,,steel housing,,,and semi recoiless action. the webley typhoon has very good power and good accuaracy . it is a single shot break barrel gun

and to make it safe it has a safety switch and the barrel is

quite hard to break enableng small children to use it. if your looking for a pistol to do some hunting then this should do the job.but if your looking for a pistol that will

kill a rabbit or what ever you are shooting from over 30m away i would not reccomend this gun. or if you would just like to use it in your garden for fun then this gun is ideal. the typhoon is spring operated and packs quite a punch all round i would say this gun is accurate,,powerfull,, and provides hours of fun and inexpensive i would reccomend buying this gun.