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Umarex Desert Eagle [ germany-blowback-pellet-177cal ]

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Reviewer: Alex Ward
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Great gun overall, mostly plastic on the outside but this is high grade engineering plastic, not that crappy blowmolded styrene of Taiwanese toys.

The Desert Eagle is heavy! Weighing about 2 lbs ( 1,153.83 grams with a fresh 12 gram powerlet cartridge installed.

Its a big gun with the exact same grip as the Desert Eagle mark x1x.

The co2 powerlet is easy to install and has a safty catch on the side as in the case of a real Desert Eagle. It has a realistic blow back action ( BAMM!! ) and feels good in your hand but the only down side is it wastes a lot of gas to blow back giving only 30 or so decent shots. But hey it really is worth it.

Also another cool feature is when the gas gets low the blow back double clicks. It uses an eight shot rotary clip and

shoots around 400 fps. This gun looks good and feels great to shoot (honestly).

I orginally brought an Anicks Skiff A3000 took it home and the thing did not want to work at all so I rushed back to the airgun store (I was real F@#$ed Off) and swapped it for the Desert eagle . One of the best decisions I have made in my airgun career…. stay away from

Anics it is Russian made JUNK !

Umarex Desert Eagle = Quality !!