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Umarex Colt Defender [ taiwan-semi-auto ]

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First Impressions:

I was pleasantly surprised by the build quality of this BB gun. It has excellent the surface detail having all the screw heads, sights and levers etc. Really clean finish in all metal construction with only the trigger and grips are plastic. Good hefty feel in the hand.

The slide-release and the thumb safety, hammer, sight adjusting screws are non-functional. The grip safety found in the traditional Colt 1911 pistols is absent, and this pistol has a revolver-style trigger.

The only functioning features of this gun are the trigger, the safety and the magazine release button. The button does not release an actual magazine because there is no magazine. By pressing the magazine release, it snaps back the one-piece, spring-loaded plastic grip to reveal the CO2 compartment on the left side of the frame, BB reservoir (holds up to 16 rounds) on the right side and the CO2 piercing screw on the bottom.

A short accessory rail is built into the bottom of the muzzle, but there is no provision to add accessories on top side of the frame.

This is probably another air pistol made by Wingun of Taiwan and distributed by UMAREX. It has the typical Wingun-style sliding-push-safety button on the right side of the frame, DAO (Double Action Only) trigger with long draw. And the �sliding� barrel that doubles as the hammer.

The gun seems to be very efficient with CO2. I get between 8 to10 magazines worth of shots before the power drops off. That is potentially over 16 x 10 = 160 shots per CO2 canister.

Constructive Criticism:

The ejection port is only an adhesive tape and the Colt logos in the grip don�t radiate �quality� �give this well made pistol a cheaper appeal!

The top hinged trigger looks like it belongs on a revolver, so it detracts from the authentic Colt appearance. The trigger should have been made of metal instead of plastic. The DAO trigger has a long draw, but the release is still fairly crisp.

The iron-sights are just basic and white dots are missing from the rear sight. Fibre-optic sights similar to Crosman 21 and 31 would have been nice here. I could add dots to the rear sight using some glow-in-the-dark paint.

Dropout magazine would have been nicer for fast shooting, but I realize while the grip is open to reload, it exposes the CO2 canister and allows a short warm up time. So it�s not a bad thing.

Additional Comments:

This pistol digested all kinds of BBs of the usual brands without any hick ups or jamming. Despite the DAO trigger, it is too easy to shoot all 16 BBs fast with reasonable accuracy up to about 20 to 25 feet. I just wish the built-in magazine had greater capacity.

I�d like to see a more expensive version of this Defender with adjustable sights and correct Colt 1911 style trigger; working thumb safety; grip safety; magazine release and hammer. Sure I can get a decent 1911 models from UMAREX that shoots lead pellets, but I prefer a BB-only version.

A drop-out magazine that houses both the BBs and the CO2 (as seen in KWC Sig Sauer SP2022) would be very nice, too. I�d also like to see a working slide so that the hammer can be racked as well as a double action/single action trigger. But the blow-back feature is not essential for my needs.

This is a very well made plinker with decent accuracy, economical on CO2 and simplicity. I�d recommend it HIGHLY. It�s a good looking gun, too.