Steyr LP 10 EElectronic Trigger [ 177-cal ] Reviews

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Steyr LP 10 EElectronic Trigger [ 177-cal ]

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Reviewer: Hans-Jurgen A. Wiegand
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Steyr just came out with their newest version of the LP 10. It’s called the LP 10 E. The E is fore electronic ignition (the ball barring trigger is battery ignited.

I just got mine last week (11/17/09), and took it up to the club for the Steyr shooters to try out and see if they could see if it improved their shooting.

Everyone that handled the pistol was impressed. One of the shooters shot two 94s with his pistol and then used mine to shoot another 94, (with a strange gun, that he had not adjusted), and one that I zeroed in the day before.

This is a very accurate gun with all quality material and at $2,450.00, it is for serious shooter, but should last you for at least a life time.

I am so impressed with Steyr air guns, that I orderd their air rifle, also!