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RWS Model 6

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This is called a Target Pistol by name only, there is no way it can be considered a target pistol.

The RWS Model 6 Pistol is front heavy then with the added ugly lead weight screwed into a plastic cocking sleeve with wood screws, the cheapest way possible way possible to attach anything (wood screw into plastic) that tells me RWS did not care about this gun lasting.

I dislike this RWS Model 6 so much I think it belongs in the garbage.

The FPS is OK or even a bit speedy for a target pistol so the power is not an issue.

The trigger is long and creepy, the pistol grip is undersized and short.

The barrel is too long.

Its too front heavy

Has way too much plastic.

I read on the web no one else has tried to copy it, I would guess even the Chinese know its junk.

If I was to give advise on the RWS Model 6 it would be to avoid this gun unless you can get one cheap, If looking for a target pistol don’t even get close to it you will never be satisfied. its JUNK

Everything about this boat anchor is about shooting cans in the backyard thin store it away to deteriorate

To be fair the RWS Model 6 will place a good pellet and give a good group 0.50 or better.