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RWS Model 10

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Reviewer: Alex
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I don’t much like the RWS mod 10 but this is only my preference.

For myself
The gun is front heavy with no real balance point.
The grips are too small.
The RWS 10 is too heavy for a Match Grade Pistol, my scale has the RWS 10 at 3 pounds 4.9 ounces….

Now for the good stuff, Just about everything else.

The RWS 10 has great sights
One of the best if not the best trigger I have ever used on a airgun.
FPS and FPE is perfect for the match grade pistol.
Almost zero recoil.
Cocking effort is light.
It looks good and has a durable finish.
The gun can shoot the eye out of an ant, very accurate.

To grade this gun is a tuff one, it has the quality but does not fit my needs.
if the gun was not front heavy I could give it a 10 even though I don’t like it.

I must give this gun the odd rating of 4 because it truly is a good quality match
grade pistol but is lacking balance and grip adjustability.

I  will recommend if shooter has small to medium hands