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Marksman 2005 Special Edition LazerHawk [ 177cal- ]

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It is what it is!!!

i cheap little bb gun.

mine shoots pretty consistant. sadly high and to the left. and no adjusting the sites but built in mag, easy cocking, and quick follow up shots make it a great gun for just pop cans a 15 feet.

this gun won’t let you take yourself to serous,

just kind stupid kids fun, but i am planing on modding mine alittle (shim to shoot straight and some preload)

if the sites were on with mine it would be awsome fun!!!!

thanks for reminding me of this one, i’m gonna go did it out and have some fun with it.

if you get this, you’ll get you moneys worth. what more can you ask.

ps- THEY ARE BOMB PROOF!!!! hard as nails!!!