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A Polish knock-off of the Walther LP-53. Somewhat clunky ergonomics, but if you’ve ever shot a fullsize Walther P-38, or a Beretta 92, it will feel quite familiar. Cocks by drawing the barrel down, and the piston is in the grip, hence the slightly large grip size. The large, heavy grip and light barrel make for a slightly unsteady “hang”. The frame is made of painted aluminum, with most of the moving parts being blued steel. The overall fit and finish of the moving parts is surprisingly good, considering.

The Predom-Lucznick features decent power and accuracy for an incredibly low price (I got three for $75.00 delivered from Century Arms). The rear sight is a bit delicate in design, and cries out for an aftermarket replacement. The trigger is decent, and can probably be improved.

I would place them somewhere around the level of a Tempest/Hurricane as far as quality, and a touch more practically accurate. The negatives would include a leather piston seal, and virtually no parts availabilty short of buying another whole gun and cannibalizing it. If you break a set of grips, or lose the rear sight, well… better start looking for a donor. Somebody should make simple “care” packages for them: Breech seal, piston seal, and an aftermarket rear sight or scope rail.