Hatsan AT-P1 PCP 25cal Reviews

Hatsan AT-P1 PCP 25cal

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Hatsan AT-P1 PCP 25cal

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Reviewer: Craig Heinzen
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When I first saw the Hatsan AT-P1 25 I thought no way big bulky another off the shelf Junker.

But when I slipped my hand into, that’s right into the grip what a nice fit, everything about this gun is hands on, the front sight is adjustable with your fingers no tools needed, the rear sight same thing, the sights are well lit with the fiber optic.

The reservoir is removable with pressure gauge installed on the end I bought 2 extra.
Well worth the investment.

Rotary mags hold 9 pellets at a fair price I got some extra.

The metal trigger is 2 stage right from the factory was sitting perfect, even though I did tighten up the 2nd stage a bit, the trigger is smooth and predictable.

My shot count per fill is a modest 27 before refill I could have shot more but 3 clips is good, change reservoir shoot another 3 clips.

Velocity 586. 586, 588, 590, 588, 590, 580, 580. I was expecting a better shot string
But for the 25 cal not bad, we will see if the future holds a better string.

At liking this gun, right now I’m at 100% lov-n it