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Hatsan AT P1 .177

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Hatsan AT P1 .177

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I like this somewhat large heavy pistol, new from the box its a little rough, the factory could have spent more time on the clean up before assembly. One would think for a $500.00 pistol there would be no need to polish and fit for a smooth action.

 After a complete disassembly and polishing the cocking became a lot smoother. Trigger is fair and better with some work.
 It is a bit loud do to its barrel length and power, sure to be a good small game hunter.
The sights are OK, could use good after market sights or a scope.

If you have large hands like I do the grip will seem a bit small for the size and weight of the pistol.
The Hatsan AT P1 .177 will shoot one hole groups at 10m.

My over all on the gun,

The gun Hatsan AT P1 .177 has the look and feel of a rifle that has been cut down in size into a pistol.  

For a Silhouette or Competition it could work in a pinch or for a back yard shooter
but there are way better choices. for example the  Alfa Proj or Crosman Silhouette. 

I will hold on to the Hatsan but it definitely will be in the trade or sale category.