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The Gamo PR45 is a single stroke overlever PCP pistol. I have the .177 version, which is the common version of the Gamo target pistol. Looking very similar to something like a H&K 9mm automatic pistol, it feels great in the hand right from the start. To load, depress the square plastic button just below the rear sight and push upwards, this unlocks the barrel, which is simply a long tube affair fixed to the upper part of the arm. Pulling the upper arm up and over by about 170 degrees sucks air into the cylinder via a one way valve, after putting the pellet into the open end of the barrel, close the top arm, which snaps back the last inch or so of travel, so keep fingers clear!

Although these pistols are not overly powerful (mine does 2.31ft/lbs) they are deadly accurate over 10 – 20 m. Pellet on pellet at 10 or 12m is no problem at all, and with being a PCP, recoil is non existant and they are fairly quiet too.

In my opinion, for a semi serious target plinker, you would have to go a long way to beat them for the money they cost. I love mine to bits, and would quite happily use it any competition.