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Falcon FN8 [ 0.22-cal ]

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I’ve had the Falcon FN8 for about a year and have had ample time to review it. This is one of the few pistols that can truly be considered a hunting class pistol out of the box. The fit and finish of the gun is flawless. It has an 8 inch, .22 caliber barrel and walnut stock. There is a different hardwood stock available at a lower cost, but you’ll sacrifice some ergonomics and looks with it. The Raptor action feeds any normal shaped pellet well. Dome pellets feed flawlessly and with little effort. Wadcutters will feed fine, but a little more effort is required. I’ve been using 14.3gr Crosman Premiers in mine and have had no trouble out of the gun, nor the 8 shot magazine.

Feel and balance of the pistol is first rate. At first, it seems a bit unweildy and awkward, but it balances nicley in the hand. I’ve got mine paired with a Simmons 4×32 pistol scope and I have no trouble with weight or balance.

The quick fill adapter is a welcome addition to this setup and it makes filling the gun a breeze. I am able to get 20 usable shots per charge and even using a hand pump, it only takes 45-55 strokes to fill the gun to 3000psi.

Accuracy and power is first rate. US dime sized, 5 shot groups at 30 yards are a given if you do your part. Being a PCP, recoil and hold sensitivity is a non issue with the FN8. The muzzle blast does make the gun jump up a bit and a vented or ported muzzle brake may help with this, but I dont find it deters from accuracy one bit. Using 14.3 grain Crosman Premiers the FN8 gets 600fps and 16gr JSB Exacts give around 590fps for a genuine 12fpe pistol that can send a pellet downrange with authority and accuracy.

The price is steep for a pistol, but for your dollar, you get a top notch hunting class pistol capable of great accuracy.