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Drulov DU-10 177cal

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Reviewer: David
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This gun is simply amazing! Fit and finish is excellent. The grips fit most hands astonishingly well. The accuracy of the gun is simply incredible. With a pistol scope attached to the included rail and rested at 10 meters this gun will shoot 10’s every time. The gun is not without its quirks however. The only pellets I could get it to shoot without continually firing more than one shot per trigger pull were expensive target pellets like the H & N Match Kugeln or the RWS R10 match wad cutter in the individual sleeves. The included “sizer” does not work with cheaper pellets and the pellets used must all measure a head diameter of .450 or the gun goes full auto often. Also the seal for the CO2 valve needs to be replaced every 5000 – 10000 rounds. Fortunately they gave me 3 with the gun and I still have one left. Also the gun must be kept clean. If you get even a speck of dirt in the valve it must be disassembled and cleaned or malfunctions occur. Fortunately that does not happen often and the gun is extremely well engineered and easy to take apart and work on. It is so much fun to shoot you will spend plenty of money for CO2 cartridges and pellets. It is a BLAST to shoot and easily my favorite pistol to use. On the negative side,I have never been able to get the bulk fill feature to work. I get only 5 – 10 shots per fill unless I leave the tank attached to the pistol. That makes the pistol very heavy but you can shoot it for a long time (days or weeks) before refilling the tank. Also the “adjustable target sights” do not work at all. There is absolutely no adjustability to them and they shoot way off center as they are. Also “customer service” is almost non-existent. I bought it from Pyramid Air about 10 years ago and now they cannot even tell me where to buy seals and such for it or get it repaired if needed. Fortunately I have never needed repairs and hopefully the seal in the gun and the one spare left will last me the rest of my life. Or else I can discover where to buy replacements when I need them.