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This is my review of the Daisy 747 target air pistol.

I purchased this pistol over a month ago for around $150 online. I chose the 747 over the 717 due to the Lothar Walther barrel and adjustable trigger.

Initial impressions of the 747 were positive. It has a good, solid heft to it and feels well constructed. About half of the 747 is made from a tough plastic and the other half is cast metal. With care I can see this pistol lasting a very long time.

I found the Daisy to be extremely accurate while shooting paper targets. The makeshift range was 24 inside of my house. I had no trouble keeping all of my shots inside a half dollar at that distance shooting offhand. Many of my groups would be ragged one holes that could be covered with a nickel with the exception of a couple of fliers (all my fault).

The trigger is adjustable from 1-3 pounds of pull weight and since I don’t have any way to check that, I’m going with what Daisy says. I found the trigger to be pretty crisp and very light. I used the adjustment tool supplied with the pistol to increase the pull weight until I can get used to such a light trigger (for me).

The 747 (and I would say the 717 as well since they are fundamentally the same) is very quiet while shooting. You hear more of the pellet striking the target than you do the pistol making any sort of noise.

There was one problem that my 747. I noticed that the pump head would go out of adjustment constantly although I did not seem to notice any difference in accuracy. After contacting Daisy and sending the pistol in, I received it back within 2 weeks fixed. I have not noticed any further problems.

I’d say that I’ve put around 600 shots through the pistol so far and I am very pleased with it’s performance. Some people might be put off with the liberal use of plastic throughout it’s construction, but it’s not a big deal to me.

I highly recommend the Daisy 747 for those people looking to get into target shooting.