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Crosman C21 [ 177cal ]

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This is actually a re-packaged BB gun made by WINGUN (Firepower MAS 0.07)of Taiwan. Means it may have the “hop-up” technology from Wingun’s Soft Air models to improve accuracy.

Except for the trigger guard, it looks very much like Heckler & Kock HK P30 once the fake compensator is removed. The compensator does NOT contain a steel-barrel extension. (All hollow plastic.)

C21 has removable metal slide for cleaning, but there is no blow-back feature. All controls except the trigger, the magazine-release and the safety are molded-in details. The exterior hammer does not function.

This is the first gun that I have with fiber-optic sights. Even though the sights are non-adjustible, they work really well. The drop out magazine is easy to operate and reload upto 18 BBs.

I get about 160+ shots per CO2 canister (indoors) since there is no blow-back. The gun shoots well, and it seems to have fairly high FPS.

I’ve had a few feeding issues with Crosman Copperhead BBs, but once I switched to Daisy BBs – worked fine.

My only issue with this gun is the trigger – long draw and no clearly defined release spot, but I got used to it in no time. This is probably because the steel barrel itself moves forward while the trigger is being pulled and it has to snap back to strike the CO2 gas valve.

In general, I am happy with the C21, except for the fake compensator. It has decent accuracy and power for a BB gun having smooth bored barrel.

Just added a Crosman Laser sight on the accessory rail and the accuracy at 7 meters became even better.

I would have liked a functioning hammer so that it could also shoot SA (single action), but you can’t have everything. 😉

Always wear eye protection!

I would recommend it.