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Benjamin Trail NP 177cal

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Reviewer: Darrell
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Well I’m no pro at shooting or reviews but I do have a Trail NP. Bought it with out any knowledge of the pistol just wanted one for finishing shots if need on pest in my garden. Started out by putting a red dot site on right out of the box. So I avoided the shooting low problem right off. Others have complained of that and say removing the cocking assist will fix that but I have no knowledge on that. The other thing is the trigger it is stiff with a long pull that hangs up. Went on the net to find out if it was me or the gun and was able to find a fix. If you remove the adjustment screw on the trigger and replace it with a 1/8″ longer one it will help a lot. You can also round off the head of the screw which improved the pull even more. The pistol seems fine to me now 1″ groups at 10 yards are no problem using Gamo Rockets.

Well hope this helps someone a little and keep them rabbits coming I got plenty of pellets and nothing but time.