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Benjamin H9A [ 20cal- ]

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Reviewer: BRIAN SWAN
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Should read Benjamin E9A

Basically the same as the Eb22/20/17 nice solid and simple design, odly soft soldered together but it works. The frame casting is rough and poorly finished as is the whole pistol but again it works. On the plus side its very easy to restore or improve on with a little know how.

The trigger is predictable but lacks the return spring of the EB22 so rattles around in the un-cocked condition.

Accuracy is good I frequently shoot 1″ groups at 9 yrds.

Power is very good for first ten shots (muzzle flips like a rimfire)I get around 30 useful shots per 12 gram CO2 capsule.

Mine holds its charge for months.

The Sights are functional, with adjustment for elevation and if you elongate the fixing hole with a needle file you can get a little windage adjustment too.

Wish it had quality sights though instead of folded sheet steel ones.

Pistol is also holster-able which I personally like.

Mine has been re-finished and love it, mint ones sell for around �100 in UK.