Benjamin 262 Rocket (1955-71) 22cal Reviews

Benjamin 262 Rocket (1955-71) 22cal

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Benjamin 262 Rocket (1955-71) 22cal

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The Benjamin 262 is a vintage CO2 pistol.The most likely place to find one for purchase is on an auction site, where I purchased mine. Because of this, it is abt to be somewhat pricey. My 262 is in very nice shape for a 40 year old pistol. The gun has very nice balance and has a good feel to it due to its heft. It is all metal, except for the plastic grips. The rear site is nothing fancy, but is adjustable for elevation and windage. It features dual power settings, but the low setting on my pistol does not work well for some reason. It’s accuracy is surprisingly good. I can keep my shots in a 1 inch cirle at 25 ft. Trigger action fairly good and there is very little muzzle flip. Power is not as impressive as the loud report. My chrony reads in the 390’s with 14.3 ammo for the first few shots, then starts to drop off. Unfortunately, only 8g powerlets can be used. This is a real draw-back due to availability and cost. You can expect about 21-27 usable shots from a powerlet.