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Walther LP 53 Target Pistol1953 up to the mid 1970’s? [ 177cal ]

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Fifty years ago, I talked my dad into taking me to a sporting goods store to purchase a Benjamin Pumper pistol. Instead, after much begging and promising to become an indentured servant for life, I walked out with a Walther LP53. This pistol with its fine bluing and metalwork is a thing of beauty to behold. It is an example of German precision and workmanship. Although it is quite heavy, balance is superb. The rear sight is an excellent micrometer type easily adjustable for elevation and windage. Accuracy is excellent with its long, finely rifled barrel and long sight radius. At 25 ft, groups well under 1 inch are achieved regularly. Cocking is accomplished by breaking the barrel. It cocks quite stiffly without the standard wooden cocking knob which was not included with mine. It is not a powerhouse, launching 7.7 gr pellets at 400fps. Although the gun’s internals are all original, I believe it is still firing at better than 90%. If you are lucky enough to come by a Walther LP 53, it is one of those things you keep for life.

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